3 Bricks Shy History

3 Bricks Shy released our debut self-titled album in September 2013. Our second album 'Still 3 Bricks Shy' released in July 2015. So how did the band form and what is the story behind 3 Bricks Shy? You'll learn right here on this page!

3 Bricks Shy self-titled debut album 2013 

Production of the 3 Bricks Shy self-titled debut album began November 2012 at Six String Music Studios. Produced entirely by 3 Bricks Shy, we recruited some great musicians to help on the project. Brion Leftwich worked his magic with lead guitar on 'Dance All Night', 'Sometimes', 'What Do You Say', 'Islands' & 'Screw The Cracker'. Brion also added bass on all those songs including 'Winter is Over'. Brandon Miller played his bluesy cajun styled lead and bass guitar on 'Ain't No Way To Be'. Bill Morlan from the Doghouse Daddies added standup bass for the song 'Good in Bed'. Ian Lally contributed bass on 'It Will Come Back To You' and the funky electric lead guitar break on 'Islands'. Juan Carlos Chaurand from Making Movies added congas on 'Islands' and 'Dance All Night'. The album was completed in September 2013. Find it on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify and most online music outlets. Do you want an actual copy of the CD. Check out http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/3bricksshy
You can also buy our music right here on our sight. Click here to buy from 3 Bricks Shy!

Still 3 Bricks Shy album 2015 

3 Bricks Shy started work on our second album release in October 2014. The release entitled 'Still 3 Bricks Shy' includes 12 original songs, some new sounds and a short little diddy called 'Everybody Knows Us'! Again we recruited some great musicians and this time we added a bit more of the percussion instruments. On drums we had the wonderful Bree Plaster grooving on the songs 'Easy Come & Easy Go' and 'I Love To Boogie'. Ben Highfill hit the skins on 'Tight Jeans' while his sister Krystal Highfill added background vox on the song. Rob Foster fiddled around adding some tight fiddle on 'I Love To Boogie'. John Reinke also known as Aart Barfunkle added bass on 'Free' and 'She Understands'. Ian Lally performed the lead guitar break on 'Come On Home'. Brandon Miller did his thing with lead guitar on 'Easy Come&Easy Go' (wow) and added bass on 'Come On Home'. The incomparable Brion Leftwich played bass and lead guitar on 'Tight Jeans' and played bass on 'Easy Come & Easy Go', 'Love Is The Road', 'I Love To Boogie' and 'U'.  The album released on July 1st 2015 followed by a CD release party July 25th.  Find it on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify and most online music outlets. Do you want an actual copy of the CD. Check out http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/3bricksshy2

3 Bricks Shy History lesson! How it all started!

Acoustic Dreams November 2009 - Rick Lally 

Released in November of 2009 Acoustic Dreams was Rick Lally's first official album release which included eight of Rick's original songs. The album was produced completely by Rick at Six String Music Studios. This was prior to meeting up with singer/songwriter Shay Ryburn. After it's release Rick started performing solo gigs when opportunities were available. Rick and Shay met by happenstance and the two kept bumping into each other. Shay invited Rick to his October 2010 CD release party for his 'Love Don't Grow On Trees' album release. Soon after Rick and Shay started working together. They soon realized that between the two of them they had written hundreds of songs and that it was time to get them recorded. Find Acoustic Dreams on-line at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon MP3, CD Baby and other on-line music sites. 3 Bricks Shy performs the songs 'Spring Time' & 'Go With The Flow' when they play live with an occasional performance of 'Carribean Blues' or 'Ride Those Dreams'. Visit RickLally.com to learn more about Rick's Art & Music.

Love Don't Grow On Trees October 2010 - Shay Ryburn 

In 2010 Shay connected up with Ken Zans a former band mate from the T'Bone's to work at producing the 'Love Don't Grow On Trees' album. Shay & Ken along with Brion Leftwich worked out of Moose Lodge Recording Studio crafting a fine acoustic collection of eight of Shay's original songs including the title track 'Love Don't Grow On Trees'. Various other artists also contributed. Brion Leftwich on leads guitars, banjo and background vocals, Dan Merill on lead guitar, Cori Simmons on electric fiddle, Ken Zans on harmonica and Mitzi Ryburn on background vocals. Shay gave Rick one of the CD's at his release party. Rick called Shay afterwards to congratulate him and express how impressed he was with the every aspect of the CD. Rick and Shay decided to get together and share some songs with each other and that became the preface to 3 Bricks Shy. Find Shay's album on-line at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/shayryburn 
3 Bricks Shy performs 'Love Don't Grow On Trees', 'I Never Knew' 'Sara Lee' & 'It's A Better Day' when they play live.

Down In Jamaica June 2012 - Rick Lally 

'Down In Jamaica' involved all members of 3 Bricks Shy. Shay Ryburn was involved in the production of this CD and both Shay and Melinda contributed with back ground vocals. Six original songs by Rick Lally were recorded at Six String Music Studios. The 'Down in Jamaica' EP was released on June 30th, 2012 on the same day as Shay Ryburn released his album 'For A Reason'. The release party for both albums was at the Stone Pillar Vineyard in Olathe Kansas. Rick, Shay and Melinda performed most of the songs on the two albums on a hot summer night for a crowd of around 75 people. Various local artists contributed to this album including Andrew Bone on Drums, Catherine Seidel on drums, Rick Alley on Bass, horns, vocals and even hand claps. Jeane Jasperse, Melinda Highfill, Shay Ryburn and Jessica Lally added background vocals. David (Doc) Fuller played lead guitar on 'She's My Sunny Day' and 'Now's The Time For Love'. Ian 'Shlally' Lally played lead guitar on the  second wah wah lead guitar section on 'Die Laughing'. Mastered in conjunction with Saunders Street Records and William Saunders 'Down in Jamaica' was an over all fun experience and an opportunity for Rick and Shay to work together as producers! Find it on-line at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon MP3, CD Baby and other on-line music sites. 3 Bricks Shy plays 'She's My Sunny Day', 'Down In Jamaica' and 'Die Laughing' when they perform live. Occasionally they will play 'Now's The Time For Love'.

For A Reason June 2012 - Shay Ryburn 

Released in conjunction with Rick's album 'Down In Jamaica' Shay's album 'For A Reason' was recorded at Grace studios including six original Shay Ryburn songs and one re-released song from Shay's 'Love Don't Grow On Trees' CD. Again all three members of 3 Bricks Shy were involved in the production of 'For A Reason'. Rick and Shay coproduced the album. Rick played acoustic guitar on two of the songs 'For A Reason, A Season and A Lifetime' and 'My Blue Angel'. Melinda sang backup on several of the songs and all three of them worked together in seeing the project to completion. Other local artists contributed in the efforts including Brian Ruskin and David (Doc) Fuller on lead guitars, Jim Razz and Rick Alley on bass guitar, Phil Wakefield and Bree Plaster on Drums, Caleb Aldridge on sax, Paul (Bone Doctor) Schofield on trombone, Brett Pippin on Cajon, Bill Thompson on harmonica and Charity Von on background vocals.  This project was ambitious in the fact that both Rick and Shay were working to release their albums at the same time. It was a great experience to work together under self imposed pressure! 3 Bricks Shy will play various songs from this CD when they play live including 'Hollywood', 'Call Up My Doctor' and 'Be Kind To Your Neighbor'.

It's High Time Feb 2018 - Rick Lally 

'It's High Time' Is a solo release from Rick Lally. It involved all members of 3 Bricks Shy. Shay and Melinda contributed with back ground vocals. Shay on 'Slippin' Away', Shay & Melinda on 'Life' and 'I Can't Bretathe'. Melinda and on 'Falcon Hill'. Daniel Hamilton played lead guitar on 'Life, 'Slippin' Away', 'Paralyzed', 'No Jive', 'Elderberry Wine' and'It Don't Work Like That'. Twelve original songs by Rick Lally were recorded at Six String Music Studios. The LP was released on February 14th, 2018. Find it on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and most other digital music outlets.