3 Bricks Shy has been fortunate enough lately to gain some exposure thanks to several radio stations/Podcasters and promoters. We'd like to thank them here with links to learn more! Exquisite Noise Records, Colorado Phil, Unknow Music Heros, Music Mafia Radio, Tri Lakes Radio, Cozmic Debris, DJ Debbie, Darwin Beats & Musolist.

Unknown Music Hero's

Unknown Music Hero's

Tri lakes radio
Cozmic Debris

Cozmic Debris

Music Discovery

Music Discovery

Colorado Phil

Colorado Phil

Debbie scott
Music mafia

Read up on Rick's new solo album on the Fence Stile Vineyard and Winery Blog.


Recent Press January 2017
3 Bricks Shy is a featured artist on Revebnation from Jan 31st - Feb 7th 2017.
We've Recently been added to Music Mafia Radio and Musolist's Morning Commute in NYC. If you are a podcaster or radio DJ hit us up! 3 Bricks Shy has been on FM and internet radio stations around the world. We've also been involved in Podcasts and other music related endeavors. We are indie and love it!


Blues Corner's Best of 2015 
3 Bricks Shy has a song that has been selected among the best in 2015 on the Blues Corner Radio show that airs in the UK - Over 16,000 songs were submitted and the song 'I Love To Boogie' from our new album release 'Still 3 Bricks Shy' was our song selected as one of the top 46. 'I Love To Boogie' is available at CD Baby, iTunes and most other digital music sites!! Get yourself some!


Guitarist and songwriter Daniel Hamilton joins 3 Bricks Shy 
That's right! Daniel Hamilton has joined 3 Bricks Shy! He's been with us for two live performances in 2015 and we'll be keeping him busy in 2016. Daniel has performed with several bands and artists, most recently Half Price Buddha. You might find Daniel playing around town solo. He really likes having a guitar in hand and we like it too! 

Still 3bs cd cover promo

Still 3 Bricks Shy - 13 song CD 
3 Bricks Shy announced the date for their 2015 CD release party to be held on July 25th at the Stone Pillar Vineyard and Winery in Olathe, KS. Be sure to check the EVENTS tab here on this website for more details. The CD is in and the music has been delivered for distribution so by July 25th it will be time to celebrate! Nine months of hard work has come to fruition. Our specials thanks go out to artists that contributed to this project. Brion Leftwich, Brandon Miller, Bree Plaster, Ben Highfill, Krystal Highfill, John Reinke, Ian Lally & Rob Foster. Special thinks to Debbie lally for here patience and support. Join 3 Bricks Shy July 25th and help celebrate this milestone! You can also check out other events that 3 Bricks Shy has booked for spring, summer and beyond!

Reverb feature

3 Bricks Shy was featured on Reverbnation 
3 Bricks Shy are one of the featured artists on Reverbnation for the week of April 8th - 14th in April. 

Check them out at

Musicis what feelings

Music Spotlight 

3 Bricks Shy was featured with an interview on the Michael Stone Music Spotlight in February 2014.  
Michael Stone says - Fun, light, bright and witty. That's how I would describe the music of 3 Bricks Shy. 

Buy 3 Bricks Shy on Amazon  

I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss how they came to be, the way they write and record, and assembled some of my favorites from their new CD. I hope you enjoy ! 
Listen to the interview by clicking the 'Music is what feelings sound like' Photo.