What is Indie music? 

Often there is a misnomer regarding what many people think of when they hear the term Indie music. Some tend to think of Indie music like it's a genre or style of music to be compared to Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk etc.  

That is not the case. In fact Indie music is music produced independent of a record label. The artist themselves produce the music and finance the production. Typically it's done at a low to moderate budget compared to what a record label might spend. 

Indie artists don't have a powerful record company that financially supports their efforts. The artist themselves typically handle any and all aspects of their musical endeavors. They rely on their music and fans to help them gain any sort of success. The artist has to manage things like production, promotion, marketing or any of the things a record label would do for an artist.  

Indie is thought to be more underground because most indie artist struggle to gain any kind of huge popularity, but it does happen. In fact the most successful indie artists usually end up with a label or they have had enough success that they can afford to hire out or self-manage the things that a record label would do for them.  

I could go into far to much detail, but know this, indie artists work their tails off.  

So when you find indie music that you like, I suggest that you should consider doing any thing you can to support the artist. Even if it's only one song that you like, show your support. Help keep indie music alive! Don't let the record labels be the only influence on what good music is! I support Indie music and I hope you do/will too!!!! Cheers!